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The Rodman Report: 

Insights for Businesses, Nonprofits and Community Leaders


Did you know that most companies in Austin and Central Texas have giving budgets, and those budgets increased last year? That’s just one of the key findings presented in the 2019 Rodman Report. Some of the major highlights of the Report include:


New insights into who spearheads giving. Our survey results show that most companies choose nonprofits to support based on the population they serve, followed by their opportunities for employee involvement and the relevance of their mission to customers and clients.


What they donate. Companies are most likely to provide monetary donations and employee volunteer hours as methods of giving, and they encourage group volunteering among their staff.


Local impact. A majority of companies mostly support local nonprofits, and nearly half supported efforts to assist victims of Central Texas floods last year.


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The Rodman Report provides trends and benchmarks for corporate philanthropy in Central Texas. It is published annually in digital (PDF) format. Download the 2019 Rodman Report today, and be inspired to share the results and engage your employees in philanthropy through numerous methods of giving. Read about how our vibrant business community gives back to people, causes and organizations in need.


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We invite you to share and/or republish the findings from our study. Please attribute your reference(s) to the Rodman Report: A Survey of Corporate Giving in Central Texas.