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Rodman Report – In The Media

Austin American-Statesman

“Giving City: Business donations, volunteering continue to rise in Austin”

“A survey of 150 Austin companies shows that supporting the community was the most important reason for why they gave philanthropically, followed by earning public goodwill and improving workplace culture.”

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Community Impact

“Report shows charitable giving increased in 2018 among Central Texas businesses”

“Nearly 75% of Central Texas businesses supported local nonprofits in 2018. Another statistic of note, from 2017-18, 43% of Central Texas businesses increased the portion of their budgets devoted to philanthropy and charitable giving.”

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Community Impact 

“As downtown hotel boom continues, Austin’s arts scene enjoys the benefit”

“For the last four years, Rodman & Associates has conducted a survey analyzing corporate giving in Central Texas. The 2018 Rodman Report showed that 68 percent of companies surveyed have philanthropic or giving budgets. Among that group, 61 percent saw their budget increase from 2017 to 2018.”

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Austin American-Statesman

“Giving City: Business giving continues to grow, evolve in Austin area”

“Austin businesses continue to fine-tune their philanthropy, with most having a philanthropy budget that increased from the previous year, according to the 2018 Rodman Report, an annual survey of business-giving in Central Texas.”

Read the full article from the Austin American Statesman


Austin American-Statesman 

“Philanthropy Survey Launched”

“Rodman & Associates will launch its annual survey of companies in the Austin area, including Round Rock and Georgetown, to gain insight on how local organizations engage in philanthropy.”

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KEYE – We Are Austin

“Cap City Cares”

The act of giving back is definitely a part of the Austin way of life, and we’re proud of it! Beth Krueger with Austin Gives and Austin City Council Member Alison Alter join the show for a special edition of “Cap City Cares.”

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Austin American-Statesman

“Survey says Austin businesses give more than ever”

Business philanthropy continues to grow in Austin, with more local companies giving to nonprofits and increasing their philanthropic budgets, according to an annual survey by Rodman and Associates, a local philanthropic advisor.

Read the full article from the Austin American Stateman

Austin Business Journal

“How Austin companies make philanthropy part of their business plan”

Does your company have a philanthropy budget? A big majority of Central Texas companies do, according to a report from an Austin group that examines corporate philanthropy in the area.

Read the full article from the Austin Business Journal.


KEYE: We Are Austin 

In a special edition of Capital City Cares: Central Texas companies are making it their business to give back. Beth Kruger with Austin Gives, and Scott Patterson with Patterson-Hughes break down the numbers.

Watch the full interview from KEYE.