About Us

About Rodman & Associates 

Rodman & Associates are seasoned professional philanthropic advisors dedicated to helping organizations, large and small, make their philanthropic mark. Our goal with each client is two-fold: 1) to help you clarify and formalize your objectives for giving; and 2) to use our extensive knowledge of local, national and international nonprofits to find the best philanthropic fit for your organization. Rodman & Associates assists philanthropic businesses by connecting them with vetted nonprofit programs, building partnerships that are congruent to company culture and goals.

We also help individuals and families build strategies for philanthropic giving. From a one-time gift for tax purposes to establishing a corporate or family foundation, Rodman & Associates professionalizes the process through personalized interviews, counsel, and assessments to customize philanthropy that’s right for you.

We are accustomed to helping organizations of all types and industries, from national corporations to small businesses. We have also worked with high-profile political figures, professional sports players, entertainers and other well-placed individuals. Rodman & Associates respects each client’s privacy and routinely signs confidentiality agreements.

For more information and online resources, visit RodmanAssociates.com. To read our blog, visit RodmanAssociates.com/News.