The 2018 Rodman Report:

This year's Survey of Corporate Giving has closed.

Thank you to all who participated in the Survey of Corporate Giving in Central Texas. The results are being compiled for the 2018 Rodman Report, which will provide important statistical information about corporate philanthropy.

Group Volunteering

67% of companies engage employees through group volunteering.


The Decision Makers

Owners (44%) or directors/executives (17%) spearhead company giving.


Popular Nonprofit Sectors

Education, human services and health/wellness are the most frequent beneficiaries.

What business & nonprofit leaders are saying...

  • People spend more time working than almost anything else in our lives. I strongly believe that work should be enjoyable AND serve a higher purpose. The work we do at MWM DesignGroup - improving communities through survey, design and permitting for infrastructure, buildings, and land development - serves a significant higher purpose. But that is not enough.We want to give back to our community beyond our day to day work. Significant research shows that employees prefer a company that gives back the community as an employer. Additionally, supporting group volunteer efforts increases our connectivity and enables us to work more effectively as a group. Thanks to the Rodman Report, MWM is now able to benchmark our corporate philanthropy against competitors, and we are inspired to engage our employees in whole new ways of giving." -Julia Harrod, PE. F.NSPE, President / CEO, MWM DesignGroup
  • Our company's mission is "to make people's day!" We make memories with our community by sharing our product, sales, and time with local nonprofits as well as families and individuals who ask for our help. Our employees are given a safe, organized environment to volunteer and experience how their personal efforts impact our community. Our community understands we are strongly invested in its well-being and feels comfortable requesting our assistance in hard times and celebrating with us during the good times!”   -Denise Malek,  Office Manager and Donations Director, Amy's Ice Creams 
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Make sure you are getting the most out of your company's philanthropy program.

"When identifying philanthropic partners that will ultimately inspire a team to rally around a cause, it doesn’t take long to realize that people matter as much as the cause and the mission. Lisa Rodman helped me to see that, while associating with non-profit partners that will align with your corporate strategy is the minimum goal, discovering partners that will bring your employees’ hearts into the fold is simply priceless. One must never underestimate the power of true inspiration.” – Bill Duffy, Vice President of U.S. Operations, Sky Zone Franchise Group

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